About Us

Since our opening in the fall of 1996, we have been successfully serving large corporations in the Greater Toronto Area. While our Leslieville location situates us perfectly for serving the downtown core, we provide catering to many clients throughout the greater Toronto area.

We cater functions at home or the office, venues, galleries and entertainment facilities. Our menus range from luncheons, sit down dinners and cocktail parties to BBQs and holiday parties. All of our menus are flexible and we can customize each menu to suit those with dietary restrictions with a range of vegan, gluten-free, halal or kosher options available.

With increasing concerns for the environment and sustainable living, we source out local produce and ingredients, using Ontario farmers quality meats and produce in our menus. Our baked good are truly home made (and delicious!)

Our kitchen staff forms the backbone of our business, with diverse cultures and culinary experience from all corners of the globe. Our chefs pride themselves on their abilities and as a result the food speaks for itself.

We can provide 100% ‘earth friendly’, fully compostable plates, knives, forks etc if requested.


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